A dose of Reality is always good

I’ve read the book Reality in Advertising more times than I can count.

A professor I had at West Virginia University worked at Ted Bates.

His name was Mel.

Mel moved to Morgantown, West Virginia, late in his career.

He became a mentor for many of us in my class.

And, he gave me the best gift: he sent me and my classmate on a hunt for this gem.

Mel reinforced and shaped how we thought (and think) about communicating ideas.

At the time, I had no idea how much he shared with us would guide my thinking.

Even today.

I think of Mel every time I pick up this book. His critiques. His challenges. His candor.

Fragmented media has made it more difficult than ever to reach people.

The algorithms behind the platforms isolate people with more of what they already know.

The content we create – without following the premise above – has the potential to be a waste.

A waste of energy.

A waste of money.

A waste of resources.

Most importantly, a waste of time – for the writer and the reader.

I am writing this to remind myself of the value of research, focusing on results and USPs.

Also, to recommend this book if you can get your hands on a copy. You can’t have mine.

No puffery.

Usage Pull.


Fast, Fast, Fast relief.


And, pumice.

As we all turn to what’s next. I am really glad Mel sent us on our way to find that book.

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