Marketing is broken, fragmented, and harder than ever.

“No one knows our story,” they say.

They will want to change the words you write. Criticize the fonts you pick. Revise, reshoot and question the pictures you choose.

They will attack your ideas with flame throwers. All of them. All the time.

You will wonder why they asked you to solve the problem in the first place.

Why don’t they just do it?

Here’s why: you are the catalyst that will make it happen.

And, you understand that marketing is more difficult than ever.

Because the fragmentation , mobilization, and socialization of information has made everything and everyone harder to reach. Customers take themselves down rabbit holes.

If we don’t make our marketing plans and strategies pull them out of there and speak to them: our effort, time, money and wonderful ideas will never be seen, read or heard.


I’ve learned if we don’t fragment our plans and strategies as much as the media is fragmented: we will not solve the problem we have been asked to solve.

The art and science of building #ReachFrequencyTrust changes everyday.

But, there is power in data, unique selling propositions and the clarity.

The advice I have for you is to show up.

Do it.

When marketing works – it’s rewarding and fun to watch.

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