Choose Your Position, Wisely…

Our brain can only hold so much. 

In fact, in a specific category it can only hold … one thing at a time. 

Occupying the top of any category in the mind of a prospect is an astronomical feat. 

A game not for the timid. 

It’s Battle.

Once upon a time, I would watch these barges from my office. 

One full of coal. Another empty. Passing each other.

And sometimes I’d also see a train across the way. 

Hauling more coal.

More. More. More.

Today, not so much. 

Is this a negative picture? 

Did it generate feelings of remorse for you? 

Are you threatened by it?

Or, did you feel joy?  “The fewer the better!”

Consider this position: Transition.

What if you stay out of the margins? 

Green vs. Fossil. Argh!

Progress vs. Past. Anarchy!

Dirty vs. Clean. Revolt!

Imagine the path forward is a little compromise on both sides.

Instead of a race to the bottom.

What if you take the train and I take the empty barge, while we travel up the river, to the new place? 

The ability to position your product, service, thinking – you are in control of this.

Why not be the Results-Producing-Mojo-Riffing-Creative-Problem-Solver?

The catalyst for Transition. 

Right in the sweet-spot.  

As a cause  and enabler … for the Transition.

To what’s next. 

Be relevant.

Be important.

Be on both sides of the conversation. 

Suddenly, you solve the problem.

Instead of causing delay, fighting, struggle, inaction and regression.

Own progress.

Own the position of Transition.

Notice it is leaning forward.

You can stop fighting to hold on to less and less and less and less. 

Instead, choose to lead to where we will be.

And, you will be ready – for what’s next.

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