The problem: we have too much information

“Warning, Will Robinson!!! Go on … look it up if you don’t know.

Data is so important in the creative process.

This Art and Science exercise we go through as marketers is painful.

The danger?

Getting toooooooo deep. Tooooooooooo much.

Toooooooooooooooooo S.P.E.C.I.F.I.C.

At some point, you need to act and stop analyzing.

Find the right outcomes to monitor that our communication efforts can actually drive.

As fragmented as media has become – you have to find the sweet spot – the place you get the high returns for the time and money invested.

Sure, we can hyper-focus on a specific age, location, sentiment, living condition, income, lifestyle … then you look back and your return was X +.0023%. Blah!

Broaden the target, refine the specific action and the strategy returns a result of X +125%. Yippie!

Sometimes, I feel we can’t tell if we really can drive some desired outcomes. There are too many factors at play regardless of how targeted we can be with our messaging.

There has to be a predisposition for a ‘hockey stick response’ return to occur.

Yep, we targeted the beejeezus out of them. But, should we?

Because the return on our time, money and effort just wasn’t worth the squeeze.

Be smart, intentional and informed. Test. Decide based on data – but, don’t be a slave to it.

You’ll miss the opportunity.

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