Work Backwards from the Magic

I heard James Clear say this on a podcast just now.

Well, I didn’t know that’s what Marketers should do.

But, it’s what I have been doing for the past decade or so. Maybe my entire career.

What a great statement.

Our job is to look up. Look ahead. Prepare for the worst.

Get ready for what’s coming.

Figure out how to take advantage of the natural curve and push it higher. Attract and inform the margins to get more customers.

Create Zealots. Overcome objections with the art and science of communication.

Starting at the end and working backwards helps you Solve the Problem.

You cannot create a timeless platform or engage an audience if you have not figured out what success looks like before you start.

Everyone is not your customer. Visualize success.

Then build the plans and strategies to make that success happen.

Watch that Big Reveal in your Mind’s Eye – then create the show. Backwards.

Magic People!!

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