Every day, acknowledge that something unexpected is coming your way.

By holding a belief that everything is marketing: moving a perception from point A to B to C, I drive folks crazy.

Crisis communication … it’s marketing.

How you respond to emails: marketing.

Your social and digital footprint – what do you think I am going to write?

M A R K E T I N G.

As marketers, something is coming in about five minutes that could knock your day for a loop. Because, in the art and science of communication, perceptions, conversations, and business conditions change constantly.

To keep your head. To be your best. To help the most. To solve the problem – that is our goal.

We cannot panic. We cannot complain. We adjust.

We define the current problem, learn, and think for as long we have, and develop a plan of action. Then, we act.

Sometimes, that means scrapping or pausing or redoing a plan we made yesterday.

Accept it.

Frustration for some, an opportunity to learn for a marketer.

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