You cannot put this back together

This is media. This is also what your marketing plan should look like.

The media is shattered. We cannot put it back together.

It’s fragmented, broken, comes in all shapes and sizes, and someone keeps stepping on the pieces and making them smaller and smaller each and every day.

New algorithms. Smaller bites. Smaller bits. Links to links.

As marketers – it’s the obstacle we face. We better learn from it.

My work has shown me to be effective, our plans need to be as broken, fragmented, and shattered as the media we are using to reach our prospects.

The smallest common denominator.

Bits. Pieces. Bites.

Reach, Frequency, and Trust.

Reach me where I read. Reach me where I sit.

The more nuance to your offering, the more fragmented our marketing plans must be.

Go break something. Drive results with fragmented marketing plans.

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