I’ll see your tendency to marginalize and raise you a failure.

When you operate in the margins, you will get quick wins.


But, at what price?

Time and time again, it seems like those are quick, unsustainable wins.

Heck yeah! We beat them.

But, look out, here comes that swinging pendulum of marketing doom!

Right back at you. And, to me, it seems it puts you in a death spiral.

Every day, if you choose to live and fight in those margins, you gotta get up, pick that battle, and live in the world of negativity.

Trash talk. One-up-person-ship. Puffery and Balderdash. Spin doctor land.

Tough going over there.

Or, take a step back on that bell curve. Maybe to 13.6% land. One standard deviation away from average. To me, it seems that is where sustainable results can be delivered over time.

Look where you can define the problem. Sit there. Work the art and science of marketing to communicate clearer. Increase reach, frequency, and trust.

Deliver the results and the reason why.

And, work for products that truly care and make a difference.

Be like a plodding elephant. Day after day, plowing, plodding, step by step.

Because, quick wins also deliver quick losses.

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